Wildlife: What you could see on a Perthshire ramble

Wildlife: What you could see on a Perthshire ramble

Perthshire is a luscious, green place that plays home to a wide range of wildlife. If you’re exploring the woodland or scaling the hills you may be lucky enough to come across a few of these stunning creatures…

We’ve put together a checklist of these creatures and more for you. So, you can tick off the wildlife you see as you enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Scottish countryside.

Osprey – This long winged fishing bird of prey has a very distinctive W-shaped outline. We, in Perthshire, have been lucky enough to witness some osprey chicks being brought into the world recently. One to watch out for.

Red squirrel – Although endangered worldwide they take shelter here in Scotland. Numbers are few and you have to be pretty quiet to spot one of these furry-tailed friends without sending them running.

Golden eagle – The second largest bird of prey to rule the skies over the UK. Look out for the shallow V their wings form and their long, broad wings.

Red grouse – Although the most common of the grouse, it may be difficult to spot as its colourings allow the bird to blend in with its surroundings.

Salmon – Often spotted frolicking in the waters of the River Tay, the Atlantic salmon returns to the freshwater streams and rivers of Scotland to spawn.

Red stag – With antlers ranging up to a meter in length the red stag can be spotted locking horns with other stags in the Scottish countryside.

Peter Rabbit – Okay, so not quite a wild animal but one that it is worth paying a visit if you’re in the Dunkeld and Birnam area. The Beatrix Potter exhibition is great for both kids and adults. You will also see plenty of wild rabbits on your travels too.

Long-eared owl – Given its name from the two long feathers that look like ears (even though they aren’t). This rather small bird has piercing golden eyes and is covered in feathers of different shades of brown. A rare find due to its colouring so keep your eyes peeled.

Tawny owl – Another member of the owl family to keep a look out for. Its round body and head, dark eyes and ring of dark feathers around its face make it easy to distinguish from other owls.

Red kite – Another stunning creature from the bird of prey family is the red kite. With wingspans of almost 2m and a deeply forked tail it’s easy to spot as it cascades through the sky.

Pearl bordered fritillary butterfly – Unlike most species the female butterfly is slightly larger in size than the male. Its golden yellow wings are scattered with a black/brown pattern and bordered by a perfect design that resembles pearls.

Chequered skipper – This once-declared-extinct species is of the same colouring as the pearl bordered but is named for its yellow chequered spots on its brown coloured upper side of the wing.

Mountain hare – Easy to spot due to its snow white coat. This species is much smaller than the brown hare and said to be more sociable.

Scottish wildcat – Possibly the most difficult to spot in the wild. They spend their days keeping out of the way of humans. Slightly bigger in size but it is structured much like a domestic cat. If you’re lucky even to see one see if you can get the purrrr-fect picture.

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