Why you should book a Scottish holiday in 2017

Why you should book a Scottish holiday in 2017

It’s no surprise to us that Scotland is fantastic and that everyone should be booking a Scottish holiday in 2017.

Just recently Scotland was voted the second-best country in the world to visit in 2017, according to Rough Guides. The publisher states that ‘wildlife, whisky and a wonderfully warm welcome’ are the key traits that make Scotland a real destination to visit this year.

Aw shucks. But it is true though, isn’t it?

And what better place to find all of that, than sunny Perthshire.

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday away from city life, and want to sample the Scottish wildlife, then you can’t really go wrong with one of our glamping pods or cottages.

Bring your camera and your walking boots with you. Sample the fresh air, take in the beautiful scenery, and let everyone back home know what they are missing by capturing all the wonderful wildlife at hand with your camera.

It also goes without saying that we are extremely friendly and always offer our guests a very hospitable warm welcome. Don’t believe us? Look at our reviews here.

Don’t leave the dog at home, bring it with you. Our pods are for the whole family. Just as long as we get to pet them! They deserve a Scottish holiday in 2017 too!

And, well, what you guys do with the whisky is up to you. It would be rude not to toast the evening with a small, but sensible, dram.

And that right there, is why you can’t go wrong with renting one of our cottages for your next holiday.

We sport two cottages: Craiglaggan and the Kennacoil Farm Cottage. Both are perfect for escaping city life and reconnecting with nature.

Having both recently been completely renovated, we guarantee you a wonderful holiday.

Staying in one of our cottages will not only bring you closer together with your family and/or loved ones, but will also serve you some personal health benefits.

Our cottages at Kennacoil allow you the chance to destress and take a timeout from everyday grumbles and strains.

The intimacy our cosy cottages allows you and your loved ones to share has been known to boost morale.

Some people want to appreciate nature but simply can’t appreciate a tent. That’s where our cottages come in to it. They’re a home away from home. 

These are just a sample of the reasons why you should be booking a Scottish holiday in 2017.

Whether you are looking for a family holiday, or just a quiet weekend away with a loved one, we at Kennacoil have packages to suit everyone.

It’s not too late to book your holiday with us yet, contact us here and let us know what your ideal holiday away consists of.

Why you should book a Scottish holiday in 2017

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