Why self-catering breaks are perfect for couples

Why self-catering breaks are perfect for couples

Intimate holidays with your significant other are a wonderful way to catch up on your love life, away from all duties, responsibilities and problems. Nevertheless, the place you stay is of huge importance, if you want to make the most of your holiday. We believe that self-catering breaks are perfect for couples and here’s why:

No rush

Getting up at 7am for breakfast is the thing most people detest about hotels. You’re on holiday for goodness’ sake! Luckily, on self-catering breaks, there’s no need for you to rush. You can stay in bed late with your partner, have breakfast at noon and eat as often as you please. That’s perfect for couples, especially if you are late risers!


Self-catering allows you to have a good balance between eating in and eating out, so that you can treat yourselves in cafes, restaurants and pubs without squeezing your budget. All-inclusive offers generally force you to follow scheduled mealtimes in order to get what you paid for. That means you can miss the local cuisine which is a significant part of the overall experience. Room-only holidays don’t keep you constantly in, yet they drive you to spend like a sailor on shore leave, since you need to eat out all the time. 

Authentic experience

All-inclusive breaks often tempt you to stay in the hotel instead of exploring the destination or experiencing the local culture. There are meal times, swimming pools, fitness facilities, and/or other entertainment options which make most people stay in. Self-catering breaks, on the other hand, are meant to enable a more authentic experience. You have the chance to make your holiday amazing and share those unforgettable moments with your loved one.

Privacy and relaxation

One of the main reasons why couples “run away” from their daily lives and go on holidays is that they are thirsty for some privacy and relaxation. Self-catering breaks are perfect for that because they offer enhanced peace and quiet, in contrast to hotel rooms where you would commonly be disturbed by loud neighbours or other guests wandering around the corridors. To enjoy complete tranquillity, book a self-catering property located in a quiet area. 

Your holiday, your way

A self-catering break at Kennacoil in Perthshire is the perfect chance to enjoy your holiday your way. The fact that it boasts some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery and tranquil surroundings is a very welcome bonus!

To book your self-catering break at Kennacoil, click here. Breaks start from just £65 per night! 

Why self-catering breaks are perfect for couples

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