Why Perthshire is perfect for photographers

Why Perthshire is perfect for photographers

Perthshire is perfect for aspiring photographers! Here’s why...

Stunning landscapes

Perthshire is famous for its staggering landscapes and fascinating nature. Our hills, rivers, lochs, glens, woods have inspired generations of tourists and photographers alike. There are countless beautiful views you’d love to photograph. For those interested in landscape photography, you really would be hard pushed to find a better setting anywhere in Scotland… or even the world!

Wildlife, birdlife… and the Highland coo

Perthshire is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and birdlife, as well as having lots of Highland coos, of course. You’ll need to be quite patient (and a little lucky sometimes) to capture some of the species, but it’s totally worth the effort. The stunning Perthshire scenery paired with those amazing creatures is a great opportunity for the perfect photograph. Click here to learn more about the species you can spot in Perthshire.


Another reason why Perthshire is perfect for aspiring photographers is that there are plenty of spectacular events taking place here, many of which are intertwined with Scottish culture. Looking for burly hammer throwers, swishing kilts and bagpipes? Our many highland games are the place to be! To see our list of the top summer events in Perthshire, click here.


Perthshire is something of an adrenalin junkie’s paradise. Looking for that awesome action shot? Then you need to get yourself here to see people throwing themselves off tall things, splashing in white water rivers and even careering down big hills in giant inflatable balls (seriously).

Bungee jumping, canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting are some of the popular thrill-seeking activities in Perthshire. The faces of people going beyond their limits - just imagine what fascinating photographs you’ll capture! And why don’t you experience this adrenaline kick yourself?

It’s authentic     

The nature, the animals, the facial expressions – it’s all completely authentic. No posing, totally unrestrained. There are endless opportunities for photographers to get that winning shot in Perthshire.

The Perthshire Photographic Society

The Perthshire Photographic Society is a great opportunity to meet other aspiring photographers with various photography interests. Meetings take place in Perth between October and March and are open to anyone interested in photography. That’s an excellent chance for you to improve your skills and discuss your ideas with other enthusiasts, whilst here on holiday.

Coming to Perthshire to capture our nature, landscapes and activities? Kennacoil is set in gorgeous rolling hills near Dunkeld. Click here to book your glamping pod or cottage stay. 

Photography in Perthshire

Perthshire photography: Highland cow

Perthshire photography: Highland games

Perthshire photography: Bungee

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