Why late summer is the most magical time to holiday in Scotland

Why late summer is the most magical time to holiday in Scotland

Scotland is beautiful all year round, but here is why late summer is the most magical time to holiday in Scotland.

Long nights

So the long nights are on the out but there is still time left to enjoy them and there is no place like Scotland to do just that.

The late summer sun setting over the rolling hills of Perthshire is something rather magical, a photograph just can’t quite do it justice.

Sitting outside your cottage enjoying your evening meal, feeling a warm summer breeze in your hair and the soft light of the sun setting… Sounds pretty magical doesn't it?


The population of Scotland swells during the month of August and for good reason. August is the time of year that Scotland really comes to life.

From the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh to the many Highland Games taking place all over the country, there is much to see and do.  The great thing about holidaying in Scotland is you can travel around with ease; this means you can experience what each region has to offer during your stay.

Wildlife and greenery

Green as far as the eye can see. We’re proud of our country and want you to come see it when it’s at its most beautiful. Scotland in the summer is host to lush greenery, blooming flowers and gorgeous wildlife.

Checking out local footpaths in late summer is a delight, whether you choose to head off on foot or explore by bicycle there is no limit to what you can discover. The iconic thistle is among those flowers blooming in August so keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about.

How lovely it is to hear the birds tweeting and bees buzzing in the sunshine… We aren’t the only ones who love summer!


Usually (and not always so don’t quote this) August is when Scotland offers up its best weather. This of course makes it the most popular time to visit for tourists and it’s why late summer is the most magical time to holiday in Scotland.


When the sun is shining what is the first thing that springs to mind? Let’s hit the beach! Well we’ve got you covered there. Scotland has many beautiful beaches and some of them are so glorious you’ll forget where you are. Palm trees, white sand and turquoise waters in Scotland… What? Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself.

Late summer really is a magical time to holiday in Scotland, so why wait? Book your break today.

At Kennacoil we are lucky enough to be surrounded by lush green rolling hills in the heart of Highland Perthshire. Whether you prefer a cosy glamping pod or a luxurious cottage, we’ve got you covered. Book your stay today and come see what Scotland has to offer.

Late summer in Scotland

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