Ten reasons why glamping rocks

Ten reasons why glamping rocks

What is glamping?

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last five years and still haven’t heard about glamping, then to put it simply, it’s camping – but with a touch of glamour. Glamping offers all the benefits of camping such as spending time with your family and getting to experience the great outdoors, except with the added bonus of the home comforts we all take for granted.  

Still not sold on glamping? Then read on for our top ten reasons why glamping rocks.

A comprehensive guide to why glamping rocks

Glamping means hot showers!

The first reason on our list is a biggie – having a hot shower. Something that you never consider a luxury until the third day of camping and you’ve given up on trying to work out what exactly “that smell” is.

A comfy bed and a good sleep

Nothing screams comfort more than tossing and turning all night on a 3-inch airbed on top of the inevitable rock that doesn’t get discovered until 4am. Avoid all this with glamping and get a good night’s rest on a comfy bed.

No bugs

If creepy crawlies aren’t really your thing then glamping is definitely for you. Say goodbye to sharing a tent with the many insects who call the Scottish countryside home and enjoy the comfort of your own glamping pod - completely bug free.  



Okay, this is a big one – access to a toilet. As much as we love nature and all its wonders there are times when we’d rather not be exposed to the great outdoors. Answering nature’s call no longer has to involve awkwardly hunching over in the middle of the woods and instead you can take care of your business in a more comfortable setting with access to a proper toilet – now that’s glamour.

Simple suppers

Gone are the days of trying to cook dinner on the sketchy disposable barbecue whilst trying to brave the elements – with glamping, what should be the simple task of cooking dinner actually becomes simple with no worries that a gust of wind is going to ruin your supper.


Another reason that glamping rocks is that you don’t need to worry about leaving your valuables behind when going to do something. With a glamping pod you can safely lock your valuables inside and not have to worry about someone ripping open your tent and helping themselves.

No tent = No fuss

Tired of fiddling about trying to get your tent up and then attempting the seemingly impossible task of neatly packing it away again? With glamping, you simply rock up to your pod and everything is good to go.

Toilets (again)

Seriously, we cannot stress this one enough. No one wants to go in the woods.

Heated pods

Some people may enjoy sleeping in Antarctic style conditions and then waking up in what feels like a furnace but glamping offers the option to get warm and cosy in your own pod and stay comfortable throughout the whole night.

Roomy sleeping quarters

Finally, with glamping, one of the best benefits is that you have more than enough room when sleeping and don’t have to be squashed into that “3 man tent” (3 man tent here meaning just enough room for a fully grown adult and perhaps a small cat).

If glamping seems like your cup of tea, then check out some of the camping pods available with Kennacoil for the perfect way to experience the Perthshire countryside.

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