Why 2018 is the year you should go glamping

Why 2018 is the year you should go glamping

We’ve talked before about why Scotland is a brilliant place to have a family holiday but have you considered glamping as your ideal getaway?

What is glamping?

Glamping is simply camping but with style. You get all the benefits of a camping holiday without all the fuss of a tent. If the idea of experiencing the great outdoors but getting to stay warm and cosy in a glamping pod sounds good to you, make 2018 the year you go glamping.

A change of pace

A glamping holiday in 2018 offers you the perfect escape from the busy lifestyle of the largescale city. If you need to recharge your batteries, then there’s no better way to do so than relaxing in Highland Perthshire.  Spend your mornings exploring the beautiful Perthshire countryside or admiring the local wildlife. In the evenings you can relax in a private glamping pod with no need to worry about how cold it is outside!

Active holiday

Glamping in Highland Perthshire is a great way to get some rest and relaxation but it’s also perfect if you’re looking to get active on holiday. Perthshire has a number of great hiking trails and a little something for all the thrill seekers out there. Whether you’re in to white water rafting, quad biking or even bungee jumping there’s always plenty of activities to get involved with.

Quality family time

One reason to make 2018 the year you go glamping is for the quality time you’ll get to spend with your family. Getting to teach the kids about wildlife and nature is a great bonding experience and running about outside is much better than sitting by a pool!

Group holiday

Did you know that 2018 is Visit Scotland’s ‘Year of Young People’? Instead of spending lots of money flying away for a girls or lads holiday, why not get a group of mates together and spend the weekend in the Highlands? You’ll save money and can spend the weekend with just your mates away from other people, surrounded by the stunning Perthshire countryside.

Experience the Scottish Highlands in style

Visiting the Scottish Highlands should be on everybody’s bucket list as we have some of the best views in the world and the friendliest people to go with it. You don’t have to spend cold nights in a tent to enjoy a holiday here though! If you’re taking a trip to Highland Perthshire why not do it in style and have a go at some glamorous camping or ‘glamping’?

If you’re taking a visit to the Scottish Highlands and want to hire your very own glamping pod, you can book a slot with Kennacoil here.


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