What to pack when visiting Kennacoil

What to pack when visiting Kennacoil

Kennacoil is the perfect place for you to either relax and unwind or release your wild and adventurous side. We can suggest a diverse choice of activities to enjoy in Perthshire, ranging from leisure to adrenaline packed, with everything else in-between.

Activities are endless here, so the list of what to pack when visiting Kennacoil is important to get right.


We are perfect for family breaks, and yes, that can include bringing along your four-legged furry friends. What better place to go for walkies than surrounded by the beautiful scenes of Scotland.

As obvious as it is, hiking boots or sturdy supportive footwear is a must! You don’t want to run the risk of injuring yourself whilst you’re having fun with us.

Another obvious item to pack when visiting Kennacoil is a waterproof but warm coat. Nothing will ruin a day more than being soaked to the skin – we do live in Scotland after all!

Comfortable bottoms are also key to a good hiking adventure. Not only will it be more enjoyable to walk in, but they will also reduce the risk of chaffing. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable whilst you are on holiday.

Multiple pairs of cosy socks are always a good idea! There’s nothing worse than getting cold feet when you’re out exploring or once snuggled indoors. We would recommend 2 or 3 pairs per day. Better to have too many than not enough!

Adrenaline Fuelled Activities

For those of you who are after that extra thrill we would recommend booking either the Land Rover Experience at Dunkeld, mountain biking, white water rafting or a bungee jump!

For the Land Rover Experience, we recommend that you take sensible, supportive footwear, i.e. trainers. Perhaps some grip gloves, particularly when it’s cold and your hands are finding it difficult to get a good grasp of the steering wheel!

Fancy some mountain biking instead? We suggest that you take some comfortable, perhaps slightly padded, bottoms to wear. Nothing worse than coming home with a sore derrière!

As we are still currently in our winter/spring season it would be sensible to pack some thermals so you don’t get chilled to the bone. Then, for summer, bring some lightweight, well ventilated clothing to ensure you don’t get sweat rashes.

For both the White-Water Rafting and Bungee Jumping experiences, the majority of the equipment is already supplied. However, it is always good to be in comfortable clothing to help maximise your enjoyment of these activities.

Leisure Activities

One of the finer things in life is having the opportunity to expand your palate. That is why when visiting Kennacoil a must-do is to try out the nearby restaurants to experience the locally sourced foods.

Therefore, we recommend taking smart, comfortable clothing – allowing that extra space for a food baby to develop. The relief from undoing a top button after a big meal is bliss!

Fishing is also a popular leisure activity around Perthshire, just be sure to pack plenty of snacks for your time off land! Fishing is a game of patience; however, hunger is not. Warm clothes and hot drinks are always handy to have too. Maybe even some binoculars to use while waiting for a bite!

Interested in booking a stay at Kennacoil this year? Start your booking here today.

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