Uncovering the hidden gems located in Perthshire

Uncovering the hidden gems located in Perthshire

There are already so many great places to see in Perthshire, but there are just as many hidden gems waiting for you to discover. If you’re looking to get off the beaten track and want something a little different than the main attractions in Perthshire, then check out these lesser known sights to see.


Our first hidden gem is the Meikelour Beech Hedge found about four miles south of Blairgowrie. Here you will find the title of the tallest hedge in the world reaching a whopping 100ft (30m) In height and spanning a third of a mile.

The hedge has historical significance as it is rumoured to have been planted by Jacobite Rebels shortly before the battle of Culloden – with it now acting as a living memorial to those who died in the battle.

In autumn, the trees display a beautiful mix of gold and orange foliage which is a wonderful sight you have to see.


Once you’ve seen the tallest hedge in the world why not take a trip to Fortingall, around eight miles west of Aberfeldy, and take a look at Britain’s oldest tree? The Fortingall Yew is estimated to be between 2000-5000 years old making it the longest living tree in the UK. Some experts even estimate aging the tree at 9000-10,000 years old which would make it one of the oldest living things on Earth.

The yew has religious significance with the site believed to be a sacred place that was Christianised during the dark ages and, according to local legend, it is believed to be the birthplace of Pontius Pilate.


Next in our list of the hidden gems of Perthshire is the Black Spout Waterfall, located in Pitlochry. The waterfall is accessible from walking though the Black Spout woods which offers a variety of mixed woodland, perfect for those looking to relax.

Once you reach the waterfall there is a viewing platform where visitors can admire the dramatic cascading of water.


If you’re looking to soak in the local history, then Black Watch Castle and Museum will give you an insight into Scotland’s elite military regiment. There are daily guided tours which cover the history of the Highland regiment as well as family-friendly trails and activities making for the perfect family day out.


For all the history buffs out there you can continue learning about the local area by visiting the Meigle sculptured stone museum. At this hidden gem you can learn about Pictish society, thought to be the first group of people to settle in Perthshire.

The museum features 26 carved stones and sculptures dating from the late 700’s and late 900’s that teach a lot about the early settlers.

If you’re interested in visiting Perthshire and making the most of these hidden gems (or discovering your own!) then you can book your very own glamping pod with Kennacoil here.

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