Top things to do in Perthshire in Spring

Top things to do in Perthshire in Spring

Perthshire is a fabulous region for adventures and recreation, especially in Spring. Its natural wonders are countless, along with its tourist attractions, and we would like to help you make the most of your visit.

So, here’s the top things to do in Perthshire in spring. No need for boredom!


Perthshire’s ‘Big Tree Country’ is very popular for its stunning trees and forests. The county’s tranquil woodlands are the most remarkable both in the UK, and in Europe. And the Fortingall Yew, a 5000-year-old tree located in Fortingall, Perthshire, is among Europe’s oldest trees, possibly the oldest. Well done, Perthshire! The amazing Spring colours of nature are just a ‘must’ to see when in the region. So, put your hiking boots on and explore!


Spring in Perthshire is splendid. And it’s not only excellent for hiking, but also for cycling. Perthshire offers a wide range of off-road cycle trails, some suitable for family rides, others ideal for intermediate and advanced bikers. For the best routes in the area, read our cycling blog here.

There are loads of bicycle hire options in Perthshire. We recommend Progression Bikes in Dunkeld, you can find their website here

Highland safaris

One of the most spectacular outdoor activities in Perthshire is observing the wildlife and birdlife. Red deer, roe deer, Beaver, red squirrel, mountain hare, capercaillie, barn owl, and a lot more! Watching wonderful wildlife in its natural habitat is one of the real joys of getting into the Perthshire countryside.

Land Rover Experience in Dunkeld

Woohoo! All car enthusiasts out there, this is your chance to drive a 4x4 offroad! Even to those who aren’t car lovers, this is an incredible experience, especially in Perthshire’s breathtaking nature in Spring!

Land Rover Experience Scotland has approximately 150 miles of private tracks where you can drive into an unforgettable Perthshire adventure. On top of that, if you book a stay at Kennacoil, you will receive a 10% off code for a Land Rover experience in Dunkeld!

More info here.

Perthshire distilleries

One of the first things that comes to everyone’s minds when they think about Scotland is whisky (and redheads, probably). So, it’s no surprise that Scottish distilleries are on this list. Oh, and luckily, many of them are in Perthshire!

One of the most popular Scottish visitor attractions is, in fact, the oldest distillery in the country - The Famous Grouse Experience is based at Glenturret Distillery. It is situated in Perthshire, along with Scotland’s smallest distillery – Edradour Distillery. Both are worth visiting, offering a lot to see, learn and... sample!

The Scottish Crannog Centre

“A living museum on the water!” The award-winning visitor and education centre is definitely an attraction you should visit when in Perthshire. And since it reopens on 1st April, Spring is the perfect time for that.

The centre will engage you in exhibitions, demonstrations and activities in relation to the reconstructed crannogs (ancient loch-dwellings) - underwater discoveries dating back to the early Iron Age. Inspirational, entertaining and educational – a 5-star authentic experience!

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Top things to do in Perthshire in Spring

Perthshire mountain biking

Hiking in Perthshire

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