Tips to make your glamping great

Tips to make your glamping great

Glamping has become increasingly popular worldwide. Enjoying the benefits of a comfortable night’s sleep whilst still being at one with nature is the perfect combination.

Here are a few tips to make your glamping holiday great!

Home comforts

A sleeping bag on the floor isn’t for everyone, which is what is great about glamping. We suggest that you bring a little bit of home with you to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep to set you up for your adventure-filled break.

Taking a couple of extra pillows and blankets can just add a little extra comfort during your stay but doesn’t take away from that ‘outdoors feeling’.

Remember flip-flops

Most people think that the only pair of shoes you will need on an outdoor break is your walking boots but that’s not the case.

It’s a good idea to bring along some flip-flops or slip-on shoes for when you are lounging around the pods. This way you don’t bring the outdoors in (because let’s face it, your shoes are going to get muddy, it’s Scotland) and you don’t have to tie up all those laces when you desperately need the toilet in the middle of the night!

Picky eaters

Remember glamping isn’t a five-star holiday, you will need to bring your own food and cook it. You can use this to your advantage by buying all the food you love to cook and more importantly love to eat!

Don’t forget the marshmallows! What is a camping trip without marshmallows?!

(Bear) Necessities

In essence you are still camping in the outdoors so naturally there will be some items that you would associate with tent camping that you will need for glamping. For example, a torch is a good idea. You can get solar powered or wind up torches that don’t need batteries or charging to ensure that they will not fail you.

Layer up

Another essential item which you should take into account when planning a glamping trip is layers. The weather here in Scotland is very unpredictable and can change at any given point. It is always a good idea to pack plenty of warm layers just in case the weather gets cooler.

Let the games begin

You are here to have fun so once you have explored and are ready to settle back in your pod for the evening you may want something to do before bed.

There is nothing worse than being bored and whilst we think that is very unlikely whilst you are situated in the middle of the great outdoors, it won’t hurt to bring along some entertainment just to be on the safe side.

We suggest a small board game or a deck of cards as they are easily transported and can be fun for everyone. A Frisbee could also be a good idea that you could use whilst on a break from exploring.

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