Thrillseeking in Perthshire

Thrillseeking in Perthshire

Thrill-seeking is one of the many reasons to visit stunning Perthshire. Looking for adrenaline pumping experiences? Then read through this thrill-seeking in Perthshire guide and we’re convinced you’ll have your next adventure here.

Bungee jumping

For thrill-seeking holidaymakers coming to Perthshire, we highly recommend bungee jumping from the Garry Bridge, near Pitlochry. Take the plunge from 132 feet (40 metres) over the River Garry, reaching a speed of 50mph! Want it even more exciting? Try the black-out night bungee jump to the sounds of the Highland wildlife!

White water rafting

Get wet in Perthshire! White water rafting is ideal for thrill-seeking in Perthshire. There are several options in terms of location, but River Tay (the longest and most famous river in Scotland) is undoubtedly the best of all. Starting from Aberfeldy to a 6-mile distance, you’ll be able to spot the varied Highland Perthshire wildlife that can be best observed from the river.

River Canoeing and Kayaking

Other exciting water activities you can experience on the River Tay are canoeing and kayaking. Paddling through Perthshire’s picturesque scenery is an adrenaline-filled experience that will have you coming back for more. 


Aqualining is a new outdoor activity to Scotland, and hence, a new addition to the thrill-seeking activities in Perthshire too. If you’re puzzled over what aqualining actually means, there’s a pretty simple explanation. It’s like slacklining (tightrope-walking), but over water. Pretty exciting, right? You can experience this thrilling adrenaline kick at Calvin Gorge, 10 feet above the River Garry.

Quad biking

If you’re not down for getting wet, then how about getting fast and furious? Off-road quad biking in Perthshire is perfect for adrenaline lovers. You can try it close to Dunkeld, over forest paths, open hills and fields. No experience is required which makes it suitable for anyone aged 16 and over. Bear in mind that it can be quite cold, windy and muddy, so dress appropriately! 

Mountain Biking

It wouldn’t be Perthshire, if we didn’t mention mountain biking. There are plenty of trails in the area that will enable you to enjoy the staggering natural Perthshire beauty. Bicycle hire options are available, if you don't want to bring your own bike with you. Click here to see our favourite Perthshire cycling trails. 

Off-road 4x4 driving

The Land Rover Experience off-road driving in Perthshire is fantastic fun!. “Rough terrain, steep inclines and deep rutted tracks” – an ultimate thrill-seeking experience in Perthshire! Book with us and you’ll get 10% off your Land Rover experience! For more info, click here.

There's so much to do in Perthshire. For accommodation, stay at one of Kennacoil's gorgeous cottages or try out the super-cool glamping pods. Click here for more info. 

Thrillseeking in Perthshire

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