The benefits of taking a break from the city and visiting the countryside

The benefits of taking a break from the city and visiting the countryside

It’s no secret that every once in a while, you need to take a break from the common hustle and bustle of city life and escape to the countryside. Whether it might be just for that family weekend away or an extended vacation, relaxing can work wonders for your body and soul.

There is a raft of benefits for taking a break away from the city and visiting the countryside. No more so than deciding to take that well-earned break and relax at Kennacoil.

Visiting the countryside

We have some of the world’s most beautiful scenery in Scotland and in particular, rural Perthshire. The views on offer in the Highlands and neighbouring countryside’s make for inspiring photographers and active hillwalkers.

Even if climbing a mountain isn’t your cup of tea, you can still choose to visit Kennacoil purely to sit down, relax and take in some of the amazing views on show.

If noises from the busy traffic, electric nightclub life and constant redevelopments of the cities are causing you headache, you will love the peace and tranquillity of Kennacoil.

It is estimated that roughly four fifths of the UK population reside in cities and towns. So, there’s plenty of countryside left to go around!

Recharge the batteries

If work and other stresses are getting you down then maybe take a break from the city and visit the countryside.

Switch your work emails off and disappear off the social media map, so to speak, for a day or two and recharge your batteries.

As opposed to other holiday destinations, which tend to become overcrowded, there’s plenty of the Scottish countryside to share with all.


But what if you already want to take a break from the city and visit the country, but you don’t have enough pennies?

Well, worry not.

A family holiday at Kennacoil can be very budget-friendly as our self-catering holidays and glamping alternatives won’t stretch the bank balance into the red, ensuring you can have a memorable family holiday.

Even the great fresh air of the countryside costs nothing, so why wait?

Does this sound like the ideal break for you? Why not try something a little different and visit us at Kennacoil? Contact us here to see what glamping or self-catering cottages we have available.

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