Ten things you will experience on a Scottish holiday

Ten things you will experience on a Scottish holiday

You’ve booked your next holiday, but you’re not sure what to expect so here are ten things you will experience on a Scottish holiday.

Wildlife and Highland coos    

Scottish wildlife, where do we start? With the majestic Highland coo (or cow as you might know it). These stunning creatures are iconic and have become a sort of mascot for Scotland. If you see one, make sure you take a snap as the internet love them just as much as we do.

Picturesque beaches

Beaches so beautiful you’ll forget you’re holidaying in Scotland. Crystal clear waters and golden sand waiting to be explored. The water may not feel particularly tropical but if you’re feeling brave enough what lies beneath is worth the chill.

Taps Aff

To translate for anyone not familiar with the phrase ‘tops off’ is rather common around Scotland as soon as the sun appears. On that special occasion, when the temperature decides to rise above 15°, it is tradition to ensure you make the most of it and sunbathe as if you were in the Mediterranean.


The tuneful sound of bagpipes will echo across the land. You’re guaranteed to see at least one piper on your travels and by the end of your trip you may never want to see another, ever again… or you may buy yourself a set and take it up as hobby! You never know.


A Scottish delicacy that, if you haven’t already, you need to try. One word of advice… Don’t ask what it’s made of. Take some home for your family and friends to try, they’ll love it.

Beautiful scenery

Scotland is home to some of the world’s (not just our opinion, ask anyone) most beautiful scenery. A picture may be able to paint a thousand words but trust us when we say it can’t quite capture the magic of experiencing it for yourself.


Scotland may be small but we are bursting at the seams when it comes to history. From the Callanish Stones to Edinburgh Castle there is much to see above ground. But let’s not forget about below ground, there is a whole city underneath Edinburgh ready for you to explore as well as many others.

Four seasons in one day

Now this is a big one and keep it in mind when you’re packing for your Scottish holiday because the weather is unpredictable. From sunny January days to gale force winds and hailstones in June.

Not that we are trying to put you off because we aren’t, it just makes Scotland even more intriguing and fun. Make sure you pack a rain coat and don’t listen to the weather forecast. Just go for it and enjoy whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Scottish whisky

We don’t really have to say much else do we? Whilst you’re on your jollies, pop into a local distillery and try some for yourself. We may be slightly biased but Scottish whisky is the best whisky you can get… probably because we invented it! We also refuse to debate that subject.

Friendly Scots

Scottish people are known for being friendly and welcoming and we guarantee that you will be swept up in our charm when you visit us.

If you haven’t booked your Scottish holiday yet, then book with Kennacoil today and enjoy tranquil Perthshire either in your own cosy pod or spacious cottage.

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