Perthshire cycling: The best routes

Perthshire cycling: The best routes

If you’re planning a break to Perthshire, why not pack your bikes too? Check out just a couple of the cycle routes around Dunkeld, they’re rather gorgeous… even if we are biased.

A route around Birnam

This is the shortest route out of our suggestions and it’s suitable for families with younger children.

At 3.4 miles (5.4km) this route may be short and it’s definitely sweet. With a steady climb through Birnam Glen you’ll follow not only the River Tay but the Strathbraan.

Weaving around the river banks this off route track is a great way to explore Dunkeld and Birnam.

Birnam Glen

This is one for the mountain bikers amongst you. Another short one, at 5 miles (8km), but this time slightly more advanced.

Follow the Inchewan Burn as it cascades down towards the Glen. Whizz down hills and zoom around corners as you head towards the Hermitage. But watch out here for pedestrians and dog walkers as this is a popular route for them as well! Perfect for a quiet, sunlit evening.

Highland Perthshire Enduro

At a rather steep 50km (just over 31 miles) this is the longest of our suggestions. But we wouldn’t put it on the list if we didn’t think it was worth the effort… because it most certainly is.

This is one for experienced riders and those wanting a challenge as you will climb over 1600m in height.

From chasing rivers to weaving through woodland to scaling hills, this route incorporates all sorts of terrain. However, when you reach the highest part of your cycle the views of Perthshire are truly spectacular. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Loch Oiseanneach by Loch Ordie

A scenic mountain bike trail on Atholl Estate’s tracks that will take you from carpark to moors and marshland in a mid distance of just over 18 miles (28km).

Explore the lochs surrounding Dunkeld and breath in fresh Scottish air. Enjoy being at one with nature as you cycle through towering green hills either side of you.

Glen Tilt

Trail number four is approximately 8 miles (13km) long and is a moderate skilled, circular, off road route.

It follows the River Tilt on its journey through Perthshire but gives you the option to extend your cycle to the Glen for those of you who feel the distance isn’t quite enough. Glide through the woodland and past the rifle range to conquer the Gilbert Bridge. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife on this route as it’s a hot spot.

Sma’Glen to Loch Tay

Located on the Southern edge of Highland Perthshire this dramatic 27km (16.7 mile) route takes you over many different terrains. This route links the beautiful Sma’Glen to Loch Tay and cascades across hills and follows rivers as you make your way across this jaw dropping scenery.

Sma’Glen itself featured in the 1981 film Chariots of Fire and was a hive of activity when the Romans were around. Keep your eyes peeled for the Clach Ossian or Ossian’s stone at the northern end of the glen as it is thought to be the final burial place of the Gaelic legend Ossian.

Click here for more information on selected routes. If you’re planning a trip to Perthshire why not stay with us? At Kennacoil we have glamping pods and cottages for rent.

Perthshire cycling

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