How to have the perfect Scottish country wedding

How to have the perfect Scottish country wedding

We all know that your wedding day should be the best day of your life and every bride wants to look back at a picture of themselves standing in their wedding dress with their partner in front of some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery or on the steps of a grand manor house.

If that's what you want, then you need a Scottish country wedding. Here are a few tips to ensure your special day goes according to plan.


Location is key. Whether you want your wedding to take place on a quiet sunny beach on the west coast (yes these do exist in Scotland) or deep in the lush green countryside of Perthshire, you need to think carefully. Is your location accessible?

If you have elderly members of family or young females who like to wear 6inch heels, are they going to be able to get to your venue easily? Make sure you choose somewhere that there is plenty of natural light so you look extra fabulous on your wedding photos because, let’s face it, they’ll be brought out for years to come.


If your location is a bit further afield from where your guests live perhaps consider if there are hotels nearby that they could get a room for a decent rate. Contact the hotel personally to see if you would be able to get discounted rates if you recommend them to all your guests.

Time of year

This is a big one if you’re having your wedding in Scotland as, let's face it, the weather is rather unpredictable. When deciding the time of year, you must also consider whether or not you want to hold your wedding or reception indoors or outdoors. No one wants to attend an outdoor wedding in Scotland in November (unless waterproofs are provided), where as an outdoor wedding in July may be rather delightful.  


If you are hosting your wedding in a country manor, is there space for a reception inside or do you need to organise a marquee for outside? If your ceremony was held outdoors is there a suitable building or hall nearby that can be used if the weather deteriorates? These are things you must plan for as we wouldn’t want a rain shower ruining your big day, would we?


Flowers are a big deal at a wedding, from the bouquet to the table pieces there is much to consider. You should be sure to choose flowers that compliment your table’s theme, but make sure these are flowers that your florist can get at the time of year you are getting married before you set your heart on them. Please make sure that if you have roses in your bouquet that they have had the thorns removed or that could end badly. Blood and wedding dresses just don't go.


The most important part of the day (sorry grooms). Your dress should not be limited by your location. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, make sure you have spare shoes or a change of clothing for your reception, just in case there is a weather-related incident.

Ladies, if you are walking down a track in the country a long trail or veil may not be the brightest of ideas.Of course, you could always get some sort of carpet or runway to act as an outdoor aisle of sorts.

Kennacoil in Dunkeld, Perthshire, is one of Scotland's most beautiful spots. Imagine your dream wedding here! Talk to us today by clicking here and let us give you the perfect country wedding. 

Wedding at Kennacoil, Perthshire

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