How a cottage getaway could relight your relationship's fire

How a cottage getaway could relight your relationship's fire

You’ve been married a few years now and you have beautiful children but can you remember the last time you and your other half had some time away, just the two of you? No? Well, here’s how a surprise cottage getaway could relight your relationship's fire.


Right (men) listen up. Women love a bit of romance and a surprise get away will be much appreciated but that doesn’t mean you can just spring it on us the night before we leave, so keep that in mind.

Peace and quiet

When you have a busy lifestyle filled with work and dirty nappies, nothing sounds more blissful than a break in the countryside. Picture this: Sat outside your cottage, with a large glass of wine and stunning rolling Perthshire hills surrounding you for miles… Sounds good doesn’t it?


Make it special, if you don’t feel like eating out every night make your other half’s favourite meals (if you can) or buy them their favourite dessert.

Take turns cooking, don’t just leave it to one person and whoever cooks, the other does the washing up, fair is fair. Little things like this really show that you’ve put some extra thought into your break.

Take the time to enjoy your surrounding

The main thing about a self-catering cottage get away is that you have your own space and your own privacy. If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your cottage all weekend… you don’t have to.

We would suggest getting out and about during your break. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, like a bungee jump or white water rafting.

Cosy up

Cosy up in the evenings. If your cottage has a fireplace, light the fire, nothing like some romantic lighting from the fireplace to set the mood.

Remember to actually talk to each other; engage in conversation that doesn’t involve kids, bills or work. Get to know each other again and be transported back to your honeymoon days.


Now ladies and gentleman we get to the main event. Ladies, bring out that lingerie set you bought years ago but haven’t had the chance to wear.

Men, make it special, compliment your other half and make them feel sexy. Light some candles, play a bit of Marvin Gaye or whatever will set the mood. From here on just do your thing… We aren’t going to go into details about that.

Make the most of your getaway and really take the time to reconnect with your other half.

Kennacoil is hidden away in the picture-perfect Perthshire hills. Our cottages make the perfect setting for a surprise getaway to relight the fire in your relationship. To book your romantic weekend away or for more information about our cosy cottages click here.

Romantic getaway for couples

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