Glamping or camping, which is better?

Glamping or camping, which is better?

As the Scottish winter weather begins to give way to spring, you might be thinking about whether to go glamping or camping in 2017. What’s best? Well, we at Kennacoil have the answers!

Before we dive into this debate we should declare an interest – Kennacoil boasts Perthshire’s best glamping – but it doesn’t mean we can’t be objective.

What is glamping?

The first thing we must establish is what glamping actually is.

Well, put simply, glamping is a more glamorous form of camping. When you’re glamping, your accommodation is already there – usually a glamping pod, tipi or yurt.

You might also have added home comforts to ‘glam’ it up.

Whether you see glamping or camping as the better option is really down to you. If you love to ‘rough it’ a little and bring your tent to camp in the middle of nowhere, then perhaps you are a camper.

But, if you’re a sucker for one or two home comforts (like our glamping pods) with hot showers and facilities then glamping will be right up your street.

When you glamp with us at Kennacoil, the idea is that you bring pretty much everything you would if you were camping… except the tent.

That means you still have complete freedom and control of your holiday but there’s no awkward tent to assemble or bad weather spoiling your trip. The glamping pod is your super-cool accommodation during your stay with us.

Glamping is not ‘wimping out’

There’s a common misconception that glamping is only done by people who aren’t brave enough to camp. Rubbish, we say!

There’s also a train of thought that some glamping experiences don’t offer you the genuine beauty of the outdoors. Once again, we must disagree!

Glamping at Kennacoil

Glamping at Kennacoil ensures you still have all the glorious outdoors right at your feet but with just that little touch of luxury.

For the many people who have already stayed at Kennacoil, they know just how awe-inspiring it is to start your day by opening your glamping pod door to be greeted by the rolling hills of Perthshire.

Kennacoil boasts purpose-built glamping pods and beautiful recently-renovated self-catering cottages.

To book your Perthshire glamping pod break at Kennacoil, click here.

Glamping or camping

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