Walk on the wild side in Perthshire: Five walks around Kennacoil

Walk on the wild side in Perthshire: Five walks around Kennacoil

As the Easter holidays are approaching why not visit Perthshire? Dunkeld is a picture-perfect town with some breath-taking surroundings.

With countless numbers of interesting footpaths, great accommodation and stunning sites to be seen, here are five walking routes that we feel would enhance your glamping experience.

Atholl Woods

Gaze into the waters of Mill Dam and explore the tranquil woodlands as you head towards Polney Loch. Here you may be greeted by a heron or two! From stone bridges to cherry trees, this path showcases some of what Perthshire has to offer.

This route, suitable for novices, begins at the Cally car park just north of Dunkeld. It is approximately 7 miles (11km) long and has great views that can be appreciated on foot or, if you prefer, by bike. This walk is a great one for families.

Birnam to the Hermitage

One for the family, there’s plenty to see on this route from exploring medieval cathedrals to standing beneath one of Britain’s tallest trees. This flat, off-road experience follows the journey of the River Braan as it meets the River Tay.

This route is approximately five miles (8km), is just a gentle climb and is only 3.6 miles from our site. It begins at the Hermitage car park just a few minutes from Dunkeld, where you will find a café with some great home baking, the perfect finish (or start) to your afternoon.

Birnam Oak and the River Tay

Before you’ve even set off this route offers stunning views. This walk oozes character and mystery. A 300-year-old Birnam Oak is said to be the famous remains of the Birnam Wood from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is truly enchanting.

Beech trees shelter your path as you follow the river bank towards Birnam village. Once there you can admire the impressive architecture or even pop in and discover the secrets of the Beatrix Potter Exhibition at the Birnam Arts Centre.

This short 3.75 mile (8km), tranquil walk is perfect for a Sunday afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter).

Fiddler’s Path

A walk with a whole lot of history. Setting off next to the quaint Dunkeld Cathedral you are already getting your daily quota for culture on this one.

You will then pass the Mother Larche, one of only five European Larches imported by the Duke of Atholl in 1738, originally used to afforest much of Perthshire.

The walk itself follows the path of Neil Gow, the famous fiddler, along the banks of the mighty River Tay, exploring fisherman’s rock pools and discovering ruins along the way. There is much to see.

At only 5.75mile (9km) you can see all this in just a mere few hours and starting just north of Dunkeld you don’t have to stray far.

Loch Ordie and Deuchary Hill

It may be the longest walk on our list but the view is definitely worth it.

It can be as easy or advanced with two routes to reach the Deuchary Hill summit.

With views that make you glad to be alive, this hill walk is a must for a sunny spring or summer day.

Following woodland tracks, river banks and open grouse moors, it has a bit of everything.

At 14.6miles (23.5km) it can take up to 6 hours so pay attention to the weather forecast (the weather can deteriorate very quickly here!).

Starting at Cally car park, just outside Dunkeld, this walk may be long but it’s mostly easy going.

Perthshire is blessed with some of Scotland’s – and the world’s – finest scenery. Book your quaint cottage or super-cool glamping pod at Kennacoil today! Click here to book. 

Hill walking in Perthshire

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