Camping with style...

Camping with style...

Glamping: The great outdoors but not as you know it

Are you one of those people who refuses to entertain the idea of camping? We get that. Sleeping with creepy crawlies and enduring cold, wet nights in a damp tent are not everyone’s idea of a good time.

So, we give you… glamping! Glamping is the holiday option that the whole world seems to be talking about. Why? Firstly, it’s really cool. But there’s more to it than that.

The idea of glamping is that it gives you the sense of freedom and enjoyment of nature without all the perceived “bad bits”. Kennacoil’s BRAND NEW glamping pods are fully heated, insulated with wool and are spacious enough to accommodate up to two adults and two children (up to 12-years-old).

It’s not just Kennacoil’s glamping pods that are brand new for 2016 though. We’ve also completely renovated our facilities for you to use during your stay with us.

That means all new bathrooms and showers for you when you glamp at Kennacoil. Both the glamping pods and cottages are served by their own regularly-tested private water supply.

Imagine sitting on your camping chair on a perfectly still evening and watching majestic birds of prey hovering over a stunning Perthshire vista. You can make it a reality at Kennacoil.

The idea of glamping is that you bring pretty much everything you would if you were camping… except the tent.

That means you still have complete freedom and control of your holiday but there’s no awkward tent to assemble or bad weather spoiling your trip. The glamping pod is your super-cool accommodation during your stay at Kennacoil.

We have three glamping pods and one of them is even pet-friendly if you want to bring the family dog along for the trip (because pets need a holiday too sometimes).

Need more convincing that glamping is for you? No problem! Check out our glamping tips (and lots of other great hints and news) on our blog page here. We’re pretty sure you’ll be booking your glamping holiday at Kennacoil very soon!

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